Flashworx - Two Guys In Japan

With summer approaching us, the sun shining, the beach, one name comes to mind : Flashworx! Happy 80s vibes, combined with high energy beats is what this Swiss Nu-Italo duo is all about. From their massive solos, to their understanding of what really hits the heart, Flashworx are rising stars on the disco/new wave scene.
With this we'd like to present to you the Two Guys In Japan EP :

On the originals, the nu-italo duo provide us with upbeat vibes, flowing with smooth and beautiful synths and solos, really taking us back to that golden 80s era with convertible corvettes and soaking up the sun.

On Remix duty, we have the space disco master himself, FM Attack, providing us with that vintage cosmic sound, and really proving that love can be anywhere.

Lazercat & Shawn Mac mix things up providing a deep, melodic sound with a touch of italo-prog to give it that refreshing sunny vibe.

Last but not least, Sare Havlicek & Le Pimp provide us with a retro and upbeat sound, highlighting the original elements and adding a 70s style touch to it to seal the deal.

Artist: Flashworx
Title Of Album: Two Guys In Japan [EP]
Year Of Release: Jun 1, 2010
Genre: Electronic, Nu Disco, Space Disco
Label: SpaceWalker Recordings

01. Love Is Anywhere 4:48
02. Odaiba Chase 4:46
03. Sandra Was Great 5:04
04. One More Night In Tokyo 4:22
05. Love Is Anywhere (FM Attack Remix) 5:34
06. Odaiba Chase (Lazercat & Shawn Mac Remix) 6:44
07. Sandra Was Great (Sare Havlicek & Le Pimp Remix) 5:20

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